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 (In progress) I built this camera with slight modifications to Jon Grepstad’s plans in the winter of 2011/12.

The vast majority of the materials were left over from previous projects. I did go up to a larger size set of screws from my previous camera. That is from 10/32 to 1/4-20

On this one I did try to keep the dimensions down to reduce both bulk and weight, but at the same time I did what I could to keep it ridged and robust.

Keith at Custom Bellows (co.uk) helped me out with the bellows on this one.

8X10 at Lista

Front Frame with brass work

Next step, the bellows

back frame with grondgalss holder

8x10 in progress

top: spring back left: front frame  right back frame

8x10 frames

The back frame with the beginnings of a front frame